Christopher G.

Wayne came to our house to investigate why our system was loosing Freon. The other tech’s (from other companies) took our warranty money, charged the system, and left. Wayne (and his new apprentice) took the time to pull the cabinet for the evaporator core apart and find the actual leak. He charged the system, so we could have AC until the warranty company authorized the correct repair. He filed the report with Fidelity in a clear way, so that there as no chance of a refusal on the warranty side.

Once the part came in, Wayne returned, took the old unit apart, had to make some changes, and made the new core fit our old existing cabinet. Not only did he make the AC work more efficiently, but he also redid the existing drain to keep it from stopping up with mold or debris.


– you never hear from people who are happy when something works, because that is what is expected. You only hear from the people who have been let down by something that broke, and limitations of the world to get it back in running within the time-span they imagined in their head.

This company communicated clearly with me, worked with my schedule, got my 63-year-old house cool again, and made the system better than it was to begin with. For that, I am grateful.