Silver Maintenance Plan In Granbury, Acton, Weatherford, TX and Surrounding Areas

Silver Maintenance Plan In Granbury, Acton, Weatherford, Aledo, Arlington, Benbrook, Burleson, Cleburne, Cresson, Crowley, Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Godley, Hudson Oaks, Joshua, Keene, Mansfield, White Settlement, Willow Park, TX and Surrounding Areas

Silver Maintenance Plan In Granbury, Acton, Weatherford, TX and Surrounding Areas


  • Includes Preventative Maintenance inspection
  • Includes System Check
  • $ 69.00 SERVICE FEE
  • Includes 2-year parts warranty on selected parts only Victory Mechanical LLC installs only
  • Service agreement with Victory Mechanical LLC must stay valid on system that part was installed, failure to
  • keep a valid service agreement with Victory Mechanical LLC will void the parts warranty listed above
  • No overtime rates
  • $ 150.00 off new system purchase with Victory Mechanical LLC
  • 2 tune ups a year Fall/Spring
  • 5% parts discount

Exclusions: Plans will not be issued on equipment deemed by our technician to be obsolete, improperly installed or located in extreme working conditions. Plans do not cover material, ports or labor required as a result of abuse, vandalism, fire or acts of God, such as floods or other abnormal conditions. Working conditions deemed unsafe such as dangerous installations, asbestos, inaccessible products, failure of components external to the unit, such as cabinets, inadequate plumbing, wiring, rust, pests or pets, negligence , misuse and contaminating appliances ore not covered.

SELECTED PARTS COVERED {Any equipment/system part that is not listed below is not covered by this agreement,)

GAS FURNACE Worm Air Furnace up to 300,000 BTU (not all ports appear on all types of heaters): Vent Dampers (original equipment), Ignition Transformers (original equipment), Pilot Assemblies, Safety Pilots, Thermocouples, Gas Valves, Burners, Non-programmable Thermostat, Emergency Switches, Factory Wiring, Internal Fuses, Hot Surface Igniter, Pressure Switches, Inducer, Furnace Control Board, Blower Control Board, All Safety Controls (Internal to Furnace), Control Transformer, Fan and Limit Controls, Blower Bearings, Blower Motor (not more than 1 HP, Belts, ,AIR CONDITIONER OR HEAT PUMP (Whole House systems up to 5 tons: not all parts appear on all types of systems): Blower Assembly, Condenser Fan & Motor Assembly, Manual Thermostat, Internal Fuses, Re la y, Capacitor (start & run), Transformer, Start Relay, Contactor, Pressure Switches, Pulleys, Switches , Factory Wiring, Circuit Board, Accumulator, Refrigerant Filter/Driers, Metering Devices, Reversing Valve, Defrost Controls, Crankcase Heater, Backup Resistance Heating Coil, Fossil Fuel Kit.

The above prices and selections are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. I authorize the Company and its representatives to access my property to perform the work. This agreement may be cancelled any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this agreement, by written notice being received by the Company at its offices located at 2001 S M organ St, Suite 101 Granbury Texas 76048; or by mail to PO Box 191,7 Granbury, Texas 76048 .
Annually, you’re covered air conditioning and/or heating system will be inspected by one of our qualified professionals. The 10 Point Preventative Maintenance inspection includes:

  1. Inspect & clean or rep lace standard 1″ filters
  2. Check refrigerant pressures
  3. Check electrical connections
  4. Check for proper voltage e & AMPs draw
  5. Lube motors, if required
  6. Check condensate drains
  7. Check coils
  8. Perform system operational check
  9. Inspect & adjust belts
  10. Inspect furnace heat exchanger

$ 195.00 ANNUAL COST



Silver Maintenance Plan – Servicing the Granbury, Acton, Weatherford, TX and Surrounding Areas

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